Best Fly fishing tips for better results

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Catching fish is an adventure but only to those who know how to do it. Otherwise, it could be an exhausting work with a negative end result. That is why it is highly advisable for all the novice fly fishers to take a look at the flyfishing tips highlighted below. Definitely, it will help you carry out fishing in the best way possible.

Give importance to your wrist

Your wrist plays a crucial role in the casting of a flyfishing rod. That is why you are advised to take great care of your wrist position. You need to keep it straight, with no bend or break. The more it is relaxed the better will be your wrist action. You have to let the fish rod work for you. A lot of wrist motion could be disturbing and you will not be able to catch the fishes properly.

Accuracy matters

The confidence in your casting will depend on the accuracy of your calculation from what distance you need to cast off. You need to be precise and for this, you need to ensure that your fly land not more than one foot of your target. In fact, it should be less than one foot and only then you will be able to catch your fish.

Choose the Right Fly to woo your target

One of the flyfishing tips is that you must opt for worms as fish are fond of worms. However, if you are choosing bugs and flies then make sure it coincides with the life cycle of the hatch you’re fishing. This means that choose bugs only when you are sure otherwise you can go with worms.

Pull the line and keep rod high

These days it is highly advisable to opt for a barbless hook while fishing. It minimizes the damage to the fish which you will be planning to eat. Nevertheless, it is not easy to catch a fish without a hook. For this, you need to keep constant tension in the line. This means you need to keep the fish rod high and the line of the rod pulled tight. You must point your rod in the opposite direction with respect to the one which fish goes to because it is the tension that will ensure the landing of the fish perfect.

Choose the right time to fish

You must also make sure that you select the right timing of fishing as fishes are not active during the afternoon in summer due to the surge in water temperature. Similarly in winter fish becomes sluggish and it is unlikely that they will take your fly. Morning or evening seems to be the perfect time during the summer to catch fish.


This time when you go fishing do not forget all the aforementioned flyfishing tips and you will be able to catch more fish than earlier. So, what you think about following these fishing tricks?